Is it worth making diy juice?

Hello everyone! I'm relying on all of you cuz you know more than me !!! Is it cheaper to make your own <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”><a href="”>juice? I stick with the same <a href="”>juice. ( icy menthol, extreme ice) I get 60ml nicotine 12mg for under twenty. And I'm finding I'm going thru 90ml a month so would it be worth it? And would I just get menthol flavor or is there a recipe for intense menthol flavor?

e-juice flavors

Hello to everyone out there!! I am new to the forum and hope to find some answer here. I have been vaping for over 5 years and have only purchased e-<a href="”>juice from two different websites. I began with Liberty Flights and they had some great flavors. After a short period of time, for what ever reason, the flavors no longer taste the same. I have been ordering from a company located on the West Coast, for approximately 4.5 years. After trying several flavors, I only found one that I truly love and…

<a href="<a href="”>juice-flavors.761877/”>e-<a href="”>juice flavors

I don’t even go here

Hey guys,

I've decided to use a <a href="”>vape to help in my quest of giving up smoking cigarettes. I've been researching as much as possible, but without any background knowledge, I don't know if what I'm reading is solid advice or clever marketing. If anyone could enlighten me on a few things, I'd be incredibly grateful:

I'm in Australia where we can't buy nicotine <a href="”>juices so I'd like to make a purchase of the whole shabam from America or somewhere else that sells. I guess I would need one of the…

<a href="”>I don't even go here

Resistance locking

What is resistance locking ? It works only in tc ? What does it do ?
I have a 150w cuboid and i've noticed that when I am in TC and don't lock the resistance, sometimes it lockes it right before the first <a href="”>vape, sometimes not, but the TC still works..
Thanks for all the answers.

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Hi. Not sure what I'm doing but I hope its right. I'm kinda new to <a href="”>vaping. I did the e-cig sticks for a year. An then a friend introduced me to the ijust2 !!!boy what a difference. But having trouble, it wants to go on an off at will.. I've read posts about that but now it seems that I'm using twice as much <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”><a href="”>juice as compared to when it ran good. Has any one had this happen? Also I like the cloud, taste, could anyone recommend another kind. Need to get another one but have no idea. I would…

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New to the forum – Hi

Hi Guys

New to the forum, well… I've read it but not contributed until today.

MTL <a href="”>vaper for about 4 years (only one cigarette in that time to realise I didn't ever want to go back), running an <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>iStick Pico with a <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>Joyetech Cubis – RY4 / <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>tobacco flavours mostly. Enjoy the throat hit so rarely go above 50% VG. Not a cloud chaser.

Always looking for new recommendations, <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>tanks, flavours etc.

Amazing how fast this technology is improving vs. the first <a href="”>vapestick I bought (that looked like…

<a href="”>New to the forum – Hi