Help on identifying what type of coil i have

Hi guys, so i just got my package from the mail and i bought a Demon killer 8 in 1 pre coiled coils like alien claptons and such. In the website i bought it says FeCrAl wire, but my rx200 automatically goes to Tc Ni mode. sorry to sound uneducated but i am lost. Are the wires Nichrome or kanthal?

ps: extra info you guys might need
when i test fired the coils, it became quite blue. Also when I liquid_c_7.html”>vape in wattage mode it takes quite a bit of time ramping up. Tc mode is kinda more in your face +…”>Help on identifying what type of coil i have

Harsh hits Kangertech Top EVOD

So I recently acquired my first e cig which is Kangertech Top EVOD. I burnt my first coil so I ordered 5 more. I inserted the coil, madw sure it was all soaked and primed for use, filled the e<a href="”>juice and <a href="”>vaped. The hits still are very harsh, I don't think it's the way it should be, I am pretty sire something is wrong, I am really eager to start <a href="” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>vaping, help of any kind would be appreciated.

tl;dr: My ecig lets our harsh hits even though I exchanged my burnt…

<a href="”>Harsh hits Kangertech Top EVOD

What would cause my coils to burn black in less than a day?

So Ive been <a href="”>vaping with an Aspire Cleito, and the coil cartridges last me about a week. I decided to get the Cleito RTA attachment instead of the cartridges.

I checked the new RTA (which comes with coils pre-made and installed) first on an ohm meter, then put in the wick, put it together, filled w fresh <a href="”>juice. Less than a day later it tasted burnt so I looked in and the coils were pitch black! What could I have done wrong?

4ohm kanthal clapton coils. 45W. Cotton came with RTA

Getting so hot!!

Ok so I recently wrote about getting the top box nano, well I just got it in. I put the ssocc Ni200 .15 and I charged the 18650 battery that took almost 10 hours lol so I did just order the nitecore 2. Well I put the <a href="”>juice in and I set it to Ni and started out at 420farenheit and i could feel the heat on my lips WTH?? I turned it down but it still seems to heat up… I have 4mg <a href="”>juice in it. Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong? My other TC batteries I don't have to set it, they…

<a href="”>Getting so hot!!

Perth Newbie

Hi everyone. Im new. Very heavy smoker (35 day) starting off with an Aspire Plato sourced locally from a mate. Starting to think it might be a clone.

Today an Aspire K3 arrived with a Nautilis mini tank. Ive got <a href="”>juice from Hiliq.
Running Mango Sorbet in the Plato, Raspberry in the K3 and Forrest fruits in the Nautilis.
I LOVE the Raspberry, more than the Forrest Berry, but the Nautilis tank is such an awesome <a href="”>vape.

I need a way to store spare tanks and Id like to buy more drip tips,…

<a href="”>Perth Newbie

Hello from Czech Republic

Hey guys… I am happy to join you and your forum.
I am <a href="”>vape youtuber from Czech Republic. If you wanna find me on youtube please visit my czech channel: Mike Godwin

or you can visit my new english channel <img src="” class=”mceSmilieSprite mceSmilie14″ alt=”;)” title=”Wink ;)” /> just starting it
Mike Godwin (EN)

Just vented my first 2 batteries

So I am quite aware of battery safety, in terms of ohms law and all that stuff

Popped a couple batteries in my box mod off the charger, popped them in my mech box mod series as I'd done a hundred times before. Only this time I saw a spark and then orange and then smoke. So I ran to the window and tossed it out and watched them 4 floors down smoke and then POP, POP. And that was that.
Any idea what happened? Because I haven't got a clue! The batteries were efest, not the best but I stay…

<a href="”>Just vented my first 2 batteries

New to ECF and Vape.. woot!

Well I am new to this forum and <a href="”>vaping, but have been an active member of many forums for many years. I figured I would join this one to get some feedback.

I started vaping 3 weeks ago with a awesome coupon for a subox mini after my little one asked me to quit cigs….

3 weeks in my 1.5ohm OCC coil starts tasting burnt so I try the .5 ohm OCC. Of course this is where my experience started to go downhill… constant <a href="”>juice spit and burnt chunks firing into my throat, not to mention the tank…

<a href="<a href="”>vape-woot.751475/”>New to ECF and <a href="”>vape.. woot!

Best flavor in a mini RTA?

After <a href="”>vaping clearos for 3+ years, I discovered flavor back in April when an <a href="”>ECF member put me onto an EHPRO Kayfun Lite+ v2 clone. I've been vaping those atty's ever since and absolutely love them! I get full, smooth, consistent flavor with every draw.

I'd like to put together a mini kit for vaping away from home, and have yet to find a mini RTA that even comes close to the Kayfun for flavor.

I've tried a few smaller RTA's (Serpent mini, FT Kayfun Monster Mini clone, various FT short slam…

<a href="”>Best flavor in a mini RTA?