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I'm Abdulaziz from Saudi Arabia
My age is 32 years
I'm new <a href="”>vapers <img src="” class=”mceSmilieSprite mceSmilie13″ alt=”:)” title=”Smile :)” />
I wish to learn more about <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>vaping and
It is my pleasure to join you

Time To Replace Those Vape Coils

Every vaping product you buy will
need parts replaced at some point and <a href="”>vape coils
are no different. For your vaping device to
continue working correctly and stay in good shape, then you need to do
maintenance. Replacing your coils is one of the biggest aspects of keeping your
<a href="”>vape in good, working order. That is why we will go over the three most
important factors that will let you know that it is time for a coil replacement.

<a href="”>vape Production
Now, when it comes to vaping, there are a lot of <a href="”>vapers who use their device
just for making clouds. When a coil goes bad, then your clouds will be a huge
indicator. First, they will be very thin. In the beginning, you might not
notice that the clouds are thinning out but eventually you’ll notice that there
is a big difference. Another sign that the <a href="”>vape production is changing is if
your clouds are not as large as normal. When this happens, your clouds will
become drastically smaller. Since these two things are the biggest aspects of
making clouds, you want to make sure you replace the coil as soon as you start
to notice these changes.

This sign is one of the big ones. When you <a href="”>buy an e-liquid, you
expect it to taste a certain way. When you get to the point that your coil
needs to be replaced, then your <a href="”>juice will start tasting “off.” It
might not be a HUGE difference in taste but you will notice how it is
different. On the other hand, it might impact the taste a lot. For example, say
you get a vanilla e-<a href="”>juice and when you go to <a href="”>vape you don’t taste any vanilla
at all then that is a huge sign that your coil needs replaced. Another example
of altered flavor can happen when you use one coil for a long period of time.
If this is the case then there is a possibility that you won’t taste the
flavors of any new <a href="”>juices. The coil might have been used with a specific flavor
for so long that, even when using a completely new and different flavor, you
might still taste the old flavor and none of the new flavor. Since flavor is
one of the biggest aspects of vaping, you want to make sure that you are using
a good coil so you don’t run into any of these problems.

Burnt Wicks
When a coil starts going bad, you will start to notice that your wicks are
getting burnt. There is one huge way to tell if this is happening. This
tell-tale sign is by tasting a burnt flavor. When this happens, it will be the
only thing you taste, no matter what flavor <a href="”>juice you have in your tank. As
mentioned above, you expect your e-liquid to taste a certain way and if you are
only tasting burnt flavor, then you need to replace your coil as soon as
possible. By not changing it, it is not only a waste of money but you can end
up damaging your entire device, thus having to possibly go out and buy an
entirely new unit.

As you can see, all three of these examples are huge signs that it is time to
replace your coil. If any of these happen to you, don’t waste any time and
replace your coil as soon as you can. If you do ignore these signs and continue
using the same coil, then you run the risk of seriously damaging your entire device.
In the end, replacing now will save you money because you won’t have to completely
replace the entire unit.

Long time Lurker comes out of the shadows

I have been spending a lot of time lurking, looking reading and learning – about 18months now – and it seems really rude of me not to acknowledge all the valuable information I have gathered !

For example how to wick a Bellus, how to refill afore mentioned Bellus without starting the leaks .. the splendor and the magnificence of the Digiflavor Siren GTA's (my current addiction)… and now the absolute joy of the JAC Vapour Series B DNA75 .. which is a little beauty

So I would like to…

<a href="”>Long time Lurker comes out of the shadows

Saying hello, and some questions


I wanted to introduce myself. I live in Santa Monica, and I'm in the process of replacing cigarettes by <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>vaping.

I use snuss during the day, and smoke a couple of cigarettes at night. But when I drink, I smoke a lot more. I had some holidays, and I binged and got sick of it. So, since last Wednesday I've been vaping instead.

I wanted to thank you guys for all the information on the forum. The vaping world can be overwhelming, but after reading the forum for a few days I'm starting to…

<a href="”>Saying hello, and some questions

70vg vs 80vg

I was <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>vaping a 70vg/30pg <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”><a href="”>juice. Could chain <a href="”>vape if i wanted to. No scratchy throat. I switched <a href="”>juices to a 80/20 and now on exhale it scratches my throat. Is it something to get use to? Or does my body adjust? Please help

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Newbie after advice about almost everyting (mostly Mod advice)

Hi There,

I am new to this forum and wasn't sure if this was the best place to ask for advice but here goes. I gave up smoking around a year ago moving to e-cigs, at first I just bought one of those BLU starter kits which obviously wasn't great but it did the job in terms of stopping me smoking.

I enjoyed vaping so bought myself a Kangertech <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>Topbox Mini Platinum Edition however the two main problems that I have found are that it constantly leaks and is really quite heavy. This…

<a href="”>Newbie after advice about almost everyting (mostly mod advice)