Nickel Poisoning Concerns – Please Help

I own the Halo Reactor Mega (80W). LINK:

The product comes with a Ni200 0.15 ohm Coil Head.

I have been using 100% Pure VG Menthol flavoring, but the recommendation for the product is rated for 70 VG/30 PG.

I didn't not see anywhere where it said a warning about it until a person warned me at a <a href="”>vape Shop and I later found on the website that "Nickel <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>coils must never be used be used in Variable Wattage, Smart, or Bypass…

<a href="”>Nickel Poisoning Concerns – Please Help

Now you can vape in the tub/shower!

I think i need one of these!

I've always wanted to <a href="”>vape in the tub.. ya know hot bubble bath… kids and pets on the other side of the bathroom door… husband down stairs looking for his keys.. me in the tub.. not a care in the world… just me and my <a href="”>vape!

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Good batteries for a mech?

I'm new to the forums but I been vaping for around 2 years, I just bought a mech mod the noisy cricket 2 to be exact and I'm planning on vaping at 0.2~ ohms. I read up on ohms law and know the basic understanding of it but just to make sure I want to be safe in terms of batteries and the power draw. I'm planning on running it in parallel mode. Also would it be better to do single coil or dual coil for a mech.

RX300 caught fire!!

Hi All,
I was using my RX300 as normal and all of the sudden it caught fire in the battery chamber, I actually saw flames. The Sony VTC5A batteries were from IMR Batteries and only a couple of months old so I know they were good ones. I was using only 70 watts on a .17 coil. I ran it outside and put it on my porch, after one hour, I checked it and it smelled awful but there was not a single mark on any of the batteries! The RX300 was only 4 months old. Of course I threw ALL of the parts…

<a href="”>RX300 caught fire!!