New Vaper and Freaking Myself Out

Hey all, I'm a fairly new <a href="”>vaper. I started 12/26. I'm using an ego AIO and have been vaping 18 nic. I'd been doing great going cigarette free for a month, but then last week I started to have symptoms of blood clots in my legs and started to get panic attacks, etc.

I'm pretty sure that as I was vaping and loving it, that I really upped my intake of nic and was overdoing it.

It might all be in my head, but now I'm scared to <a href="”>vape. I decided to go ahead and join up and maybe get some…

<a href="<a href="”>vaper-and-freaking-myself-out.849169/”>New <a href="”>vaper and Freaking Myself Out

Do you vape for nicotine, habit, or flavor?

I think I may be vaping simply because I just love the tasty flavors out there. I've only tried a handful so far due to costs, but I'm so addicted to the flavor of my ADV. I certainly think habit is part of it as a relatively new non-smoker, but I'm wondering if I may not be vaping more simply for the flavor. It's curbed my craving for sweets and just makes me happy. I've even considered dropping from 3mg to 0mg to see if it makes any difference, but I figured I better use up my small stash…

<a href="<a href="”>vape-for-nicotine-habit-or-flavor.849319/”>Do you <a href="”>vape for nicotine, habit, or flavor?

Starter kit for new recreational vaper?

I'm looking to start vaping. Totally recreational as I haven't smoked in years.
The bulk of what I can find to read is for smokers who start vaping to replace cigarettes.
I'm going to try to replace snacking with vaping.

I know I want e-<a href="”>juice w/ 0 nic. I've got a list of vendors that sell sample kits. Does anything else change ?

What's a good starter kit for me? I don't want to spend to much as I will get a 'better' mod (etc.) once I find out what features I like and what kind of…

<a href="<a href="”>vaper.849317/”>Starter kit for new recreational <a href="”>vaper?

Not Your Traditional Valentine

When Scott and I were first engaged (19 years ago!), we had a “rule” when it came to holidays; no household gifts. No appliances, no cool cleaning gifts, no vacuums. We’ve broken that rule a couple of times. I mean, who plans for the vacuum cleaner to die right before Mother’s Day? So yeah, one year I did get a vacuum (and I LOVED it). I’m also not a fan of flowers on holidays. Flowers eventually die, and I end up with a collection of glass vases under the sink. It’s not that I don’t like flowers, I just like practical gifts better. And that is the point of today’s article.
You might think that I would have a closet full of the latest and greatest <a href="”>vape gear, but here’s the truth about me: I hate change. When I find something that works, I stick with it until the bitter end. I was probably a year behind the “cloud chasing” scene because what I was using worked (an ego-style <a href="”>vape pen with a Wickus). Why spend money on new <a href="”>vape gear that would be “out of date” within 3 months? It’s like collecting glass vases after the flowers have died. Don’t get me wrong; for those of you who like having the newest <a href="”>vape gadget on the market, I get it. I often “ohhh and ahhhh” over the marketing pictures, but I forget about them pretty quickly too. That’s just how I roll.
So with Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought I would list some cool <a href="”>vape gear that the vapor in your life just might love!
First up is the 100W Geek<a href="”>vape Aegis TC Box mod.
<img src="http://delprado<a href="”>” alt=”Aegis” width=”200pxpx” border=”0″ />
Pros and Cons to everything, right? Ok, here are my pros and cons: I like that it’s waterproof. I live in Florida, and while I haven’t been able to go fishing in a long time, when I did go fishing, a waterproof mod was something I really wanted. Not to mention, it rains a lot here in the summer, and it’s just nice knowing that my mod isn’t going to go all flakey because of a little rain. Now, I haven’t tossed mine in the pool to test the waterproof claim, so it’s always best to try and keep your mod dry.
I like that you can use a 26650 or 18650 battery for this mod. While I do have some 26650s around, I have plenty more 18650s to swap out when the battery dies….which leads me to a ‘con’ of this device. I can drain a single battery pretty quickly. I <a href="”>vape all day long. I’m lucky if I can get a single 18650 to last more than a couple of hours. So the constant switching out of batteries got to be kind of annoying for me.
All in all, this is a solid device with a nice feel in the hand. Note: always keep your batteries protected when not in use or charging to prevent bad things from happening. If your battery casing is torn or nicked, you need to replace them to prevent injury. See our blog on battery safety for more information. It’s really important.
Next up on my list would be the Kanger K-Kiss.
<img src="http://delprado<a href="”>” alt=”kanger kiss” width=”300px” border=”0″ />
I was fully prepared to not like this kit. You can’t adjust anything on this kit (can’t adjust the airflow, the wattage/voltage….nothing. This is a ‘pro’ for the new user, and may be a ‘con’ for an advanced user). What I wasn’t prepared for was how nice this kit works right out of the box. For me, I like a tighter draw so I can get that throat hit and full flavor. The tank that comes with the K-Kiss is perfect for people like me. It puts off a warm <a href="”>vape – again, this is perfect for me. While the vaping experience with this is fantastic, can we talk about the battery life on this bad boy?! 6300mAh. That is NOT a typo. Sixty-three hundred! I <a href="”>vape like a fiend, and this device lasts 6am to 9pm for me…I can only imagine how long the battery would last for people who <a href="”>vape like a normal person! You plug it in before you go to bed at night, and it’s ready to go the next day. Probably the only other ‘con’ that I can come up with for the K-Kiss is that like every other mod on the market, if you are prone to putting this in your pocket or purse, the paint will eventually flake off. Pick up a skin and that solves that problem. Another ‘con’ is that currently there are no replacement tanks available. However, you can get replacement glass for the tank should you need it. It takes SSOCC coils, which are pretty popular too.
For the new vapor, you can not go wrong with the Kanger EVOD kit (you can find the glass version here).
It’s been on the market several years now, and thousands have been successful with this setup. The smaller size is less intimidating than the bulky box mods, and the tank is less leaky than other models on the market. SOCC Coils are readily available too (for the EVOD glass kit, use VOCC coils)! It’s a solid choice, at a reasonable price, for someone just getting started or to use for a backup. The ‘con’ for this device is eliquid choices. I wouldn’t recommend using any <a href="”>juice with higher than 50% VG. It simply can’t wick fast enough to <a href="”>vape the thicker liquids, and you’ll get more burnt hits and/or <a href="”>vape through your coils at an alarming speed. Stick to the thinner, higher PG flavors, and you will do fine with this setup.
So, what’s on my Valentine’s list? eliquid. I would take a couple bottles of my favorite flavor over flowers any day. There are far too many flavors to list in a blog, so if you have an idea of what your vapor enjoys, chances are we have something that will work. Picture this: you’re eating a romantic dinner with your loved one, and on the table is a plain red gift bag with a couple bottles of eliquid, maybe some replacement coils, maybe even a new mod. Oh my gosh…the only other thing that would make that the perfect Valentine’s Day for me would be to have some really good chocolate next to that bag. Scott…are you reading this? *hint hint*