Nitecore Digi 2 – Question on charging 18650 externally

Hi all,

I have been reading some horror stories on charging batteries (18650) on external charger about how you need to watch and be around the charger as batteries could blow up. Im new to charging and was ultra afraid and bought Nitecore Digi 2 charger to charge my LG HG2s. Is this charger good? Will it automatically stop charging batteries on full? Ie can i charge them overnight? The LG batteries take 6 hours to charge at 500mA..

SMOK Alien 220w issues

so i have loved my mod ever since i bought it about 6 months ago. however i have been having problems with it recently. i charged my batteries overnight and then put them in my mod and it is unresponsive. so i went to a nearby <a href="”>vape store and got a new set of batteries because i was desperate and in a rush. the new batteries work fine but the other set does not. i went back to the <a href="”>vape store for asistance and the guy put the batteries that do not work into his mod and they worked fine and the…

<a href="”>SMOK Alien 220w issues


Hey Guys,

I'm new here! Been smoking cigs for close to three years and am looking for to cut down or quit altogether cos I believe I smoke quite a fair bit (2 days 1 pack)

I have read thru the forums regarding the sale of <a href="”>vapes and realised it's not that accessible now for us to purchase. Looked thru carousell for potential second-hand <a href="”>vapes but to no avail too. So I presume the only way to get it 'safely' is to buy online and ship? Would my parcel get checked and be denied entry?…

<a href="<a href="”>vaper-to-be.850463/”><a href="”>vaper-to-be

Chain Vaping…

Former smoker and <a href="”>vaper. After quitting cigarettes for good almost 2 months ago, I am back to vaping. This time however I find myself wanting it more and more so I’m somewhat chain vaping. I try to wait the 10-20 seconds but sometimes it’s like second nature to hit it again immediately. I am at 3mg of nicotine and have tried 6mg but it just makes me feel sick. I have also done a mix of the different mg and that’s a pain.

I’m curious how long you wait before taking another hit? What’s the…

<a href="”>Chain vaping

No More Carto-Tank Forum

Well, I guess there's really not a need. What can go wrong with a carto-<a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>tank, after all?

But, it was just weird to go looking and find it gone.

I went there to start a thread to compare how many carto-<a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>tanks everybody has.

Am I the only one left?

I can’t taste my juice anymore help….

Hey guys so like I am not new to vaping but recently I bought one on my own. I got the blue razz <a href="”>juice and I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and my coil burned so I went to go replace it. Well I got it replaced and now the <a href="”>juice doesn't taste like anything anymore I maybe can get one or two good hits with taste the blue razz <a href="”>juice but thats is it. I even got my friends to taste it and they cannot taste it either so I know it isn't just me. I have no idea what to do.

Hello From Va

I started smoking cigarettes when I was around 13 or so. smoked for 20+ years, most of them at 2+ packs a day. I quit cold turkey and was off of them for 10 years or so. Like I'm sure has happened to many others, I thought to myself, I have this licked! I can have a smoke here and there with the guys. Before too long that turned into me buying cigarettes and back up to a pack a day or so. After a probably 4 of 5 years of that, I had to get off of those things again. I have an 8 year old son…

<a href="”>Hello From Va